Nature Versus Nurture
June 29, 2022

Nature Versus Nurture

Hello beautiful Angels!

I hope you are all enjoying the fabulous weather that we have been having!

There is a heatwave sweeping across the globe at the moment, so we are all feeling the heat.

Personally, I love the sunshine, as it not only helps my skin but my mood too. Do you love summer?

The Power of Nature

One thing that summer can really help me with is to reconnect with nature. The ability to spend so much time outside lets us appreciate what we have around us and all of the amazing benefits that it can bring. I love to take the time to be outdoors and take it all in, as nature has so much to offer us.

Whilst we all have to be sensible about caring for our skin in the sun, there are health benefits associated with it too.

The Vitamin D that we absorb when we are outside helps to regulate the amount of calcium and phosphate in the body to keep our bones and teeth healthy [1] and it may also play an important role in regulating mood and decreasing the risk of depression.[2]

Aside from the weather, there are many plants and natural substances that have been used for centuries in order to keep us healthy, and we have got into the habit of discarding many of them when they can still play a part in caring for us.

They have been used in medicine since time began and they still have a place today. That is why I knew it was important to make sure that all of the products that I created were completely natural.

Natural Credentials

I love my skincare products for more reasons than I can count, but one of the most important factors is that they are at least 97.9% naturally derived.

That means that they are kind to your skin and are not packed full of the chemicals and additives that can often trigger or create skin sensitivities in the first place. Whether it is Pink Himalayan Sea Salt, Bioecolia®, Rhamnosoft®, sweet almond oil, or even sugar beet, I have made sure that I have only selected the very best ingredients that nature has to offer.

By working with nature and not against it, I have ensured that my skincare is suitable for everyone to use, even babies! Whatever your skin type or skin condition, these amazing products can offer comfort and luxury.

As I wanted these products to be as kind and inclusive as possible, I have also created them to be both vegan and cruelty free.

Nature gives us so much that I knew I needed to use what was in such abundance around us. By using what the earth provides, we can be kind, effective and sustainable in a way that benefits everybody.

I would love to know what you think of the products, so feel free to hop over to Instagram and let us know!

Lots of love and positive vibes, Camille xx