Your Christmas Shopping Starts Here
November 17, 2022

Your Christmas Shopping Starts Here

How are you angels?

The Festive season is now fast approaching. We have all seen the adverts on TV and the shops are full of Christmas food, cards and decorations. It’s lovely to see, but it can also be a little overwhelming.

As someone who suffers from a skin condition myself, I know how easily flare ups can be triggered by stress, and whilst Christmas is a joyous occasion, it can also be a very stressful one. Being prepared can help to take a lot of the pressure out of the run up to Christmas, so I have put together my tips for getting on top of the Christmas shopping.

Plan Ahead

The idea of a day out Christmas shopping can seem lovely, but it is often fraught and tiring. Fighting with other shoppers to see what is on display when you have no idea what to buy can make it a less enjoyable experience, so make sure you start planning.

Make your list and check it twice as Santa would say! Write down all of the people that you want to buy for and the ideas that you have for them. There are often some great deals to be had online, which can reduce the amount that you need to get in the shops themselves.

Black Friday

Black Friday is on 25th November this year, so look out for some bargains. Take a look at what you want to buy now so that you know how much you will really be saving when the time comes. Black Friday itself still has some of the best deals, but many retailers now extend their sale to the week before, so it is never too early to start searching!


Ordering online can make your life much easier, but you need to think about your deliveries. Do you want them bringing to your house where everyone else might see them, or do you have a better address, such as work, that you could send them too? You also need to think about the time it will take to have things delivered, particularly in the light of the Royal Mail postal strikes.

If you are having something shipped abroad, make sure you know what the last posting dates are for each country, as this can help you to get organised. If you write down all of the key dates that you need in order, it can help you to draw up a plan of what you need and when.

It might still seem early to be starting your Christmas shopping, but by knowing what you want and getting ready early, you can help to calm your mind and your skin, leaving you ready to enjoy Christmas properly.

Lots of love and positive vibes, Camille xx