Made with LOVE, Powered by NATURE Developed by EXPERTS.

Made with LOVE, Powered by NATURE Developed by EXPERTS.

We use the finest grade of natural ingredients, from mango butter, shea butter, oat lipids and almond oil to hydrate and moisturise your delicate skin. Combining these with thescience of a prebiotic ingredient to keep your skin microbiome healthy.

Our gentle formulas are perfect for face, hands and body leaving your skin feeling silky soft, comfortable and cared for all day long. All products are vegan & cruelty free certified, made in the UK and safe for babies.


Award Winning Skincare

Award Winning Skincare

Created by an award winning formulator and founded by Camille Knowles who understands living with sensitive skin.

This skincare range has been specifically designed to comfort, soften and hydrate dry and sensitive skin. Whilst feeling luxurious and smelling delicious.

All products have been dermatologically tested by FDA standards, so you can be sure they are safe for your sensitive skin.

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I purchased this cream for my husbands eczema AND it's the only one that's ever helped! I also used it on my own skin (dry
skin but no eczema) and it has been AMAZING. I even use it on my 6 month old baby to keep his skin nice and soft. I highly recommend this product, and will continue to buy it!

This cream went above and beyond my expectations. Not only does it make my skin so soft, the fact that I can also use it on my toddler is awesome. Perfect for his sensitive skin. Really helped us this winter. If you're on the fence with this product all I can say is buy it!

I've started using this moisturizing cream exclusively on my hands as they've been super dry and irritated, with some cracking due to overwashing. I have to say that this has completely softened and soothed my hands. It also doesn't feel sticky after application, which was key for me as it absorbs perfectly. Another nice feature is that this has a lovely gentle, calming scent that is allergen-free. I love it so much that I've started to use it on my entire body. I'd highly recommend it

Every winter, my sensitive skin feels so dry and itchy. I'm always on the lookout for an all-natural hydrating body wash that actually works, and I've finally found it! This incredibly hydrating, all-natural body wash is incredible. I feel more moisture with every wash, and it soothes my sensitive skin. What's even better is there's a subtle natural scent that relaxes me instantly but doesn't irritate my skin. I love it so much that I've started to use it outside of the shower as a hydrating handwash. I'd highly recommend this and pair it with their moisturizing cream! It's a dream hydration duo for sensitive skin :)

Such a good moisturiser for sensitive skin! Smells so fresh so you really feel like your pampering the skin, the ingredients are also amazing!💗

This body wash really nourishes my skin, during these harsh winter months it's a must have. I love how gentle it is and makes my skin so soft. This wash will become a must have, I'm so glad I discovered this brand. Using the wash and cream together is amazing

This is amazing for a luxurious and hydrating bath. As soon as it hits the water, it turns it milky white. It's so soothing and moisturizing. I also LOVE to use this as a body wash. It gives my skin the extra moisture it needs right out of the shower.

This stuff is amazing! It is a great alternative to harsh bubble or milk baths. It is so light and hydrating. I also can't get over the gorgeous milky consistency the oil turns the second it hits the water. Worth every penny!

I love the consistency of the water when I use this, such a gorgeous smell and really makes for a relaxing bath!

These are my new favourite bath salts. The consistency is perfect! I find some salts are hard and uncomfortable to relax in, but this is a very fine, soft bath salt. I cannot recommend this line of products enough. Changed the sensitive skincare game!

I am obsessed with bath salts, and these are my top fav, they are very fine so they make the bath a very comfortable experience, and my skin is left feeling amazing!

After a long stressful day, a bath with The Beauty of Eczema bath salts is just what you need! My body is left feeling calm, relaxed and hydrated. No longer using bubbles and bath bombs after discovering this product. 100% recommend!

Life saver
Amazing Soothing Moisture
Moisture with every wash!
In love
So nourishing
So nourishing!
Perfect bath addition for sensitive skin!
New favourite bath salts
Love them!
Good bye bath bubbles hello bath salts

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