Léa's Sensitive Skin Story
October 19, 2022

Léa's Sensitive Skin Story

Hey Beautiful

This week we are hearing from one of our beautiful angels LéaLéa was born with sensitive skin, and so has always had the red and itchy sensation that you are probably familiar with. She has seen her skin condition change and grow over the years and has not only had to deal with the physical symptoms but the mental ones too as she felt her confidence take a blow. She felt as though she was totally on her own support wise until she found The Beauty of Eczema™ community of sensitive skin angels who were experiencing what she was going through with her sensitive skin.

That is why we spoke to Léa about her experiences, to help you realise that you are not alone either. We have an incredibly supportive team and audience, as well as a range of tools and some terrific skincare to help you on your journey.

Growing up with eczema

Léa explained that her eczema began in small patches on the insides of her elbows and knees, however, over time, this began to spread. She then started to see it appearing on her wrist, neck, legs and feet, and then eventually on her face as well. Léa is now in a situation where it seems to be on most parts of her body, and she has felt that this even began to affect her sleep as the itching would keep her awake at night. When she did sleep, she would often scratch without knowing that she was doing it until she woke to find blood on her sheets. Understandably, Léa quickly reached a point where she “wanted desperately to get rid of it.

Whilst most people think of eczema as a skin condition, the truth is that it impacts on much more than this. “It has affected my confidence and attitude about myself because I felt ugly with all the red patches and always scratching,” Léa told us. She often felt as though people were staring at her, with some even asking her to stop scratching as they didn’t want to listen to it anymore. This led to Léa changing the way that she dressed, wearing long sleeves to hide her patches, but it did nothing make her feel any better.

As many of you are likely to recognise, Léa made regular trips to the dermatologist where she was given various topical creams to apply, but most of them failing to deliver after the first few weeks.

Discovering Camille

Léa continued to spend time looking for ways in which she could manage her eczema, and that’s when she came across Camille Knowles. After reading an article about Camille’s own experiences, Lea decided to find out more. Camille’s journey resonated with Léa and when she read that Camille felt grateful for her skin she was intrigued. “I was telling myself how can she feel grateful for this? I decided to order her book and the Moisturising Cream to try it.”

When Lea read The Beauty of Eczema™ she learnt the importance of being kinder to herself and her skin. She then felt inspired to apply what she had read to her own life.

“With the cream, the affirmations and focusing on myself, I saw a difference on my skin,” Léa explained. “It did not get rid of my eczema, but I have learned to accept it and be proud of it as it is a reminder to slow down and to pamper myself and not feel sorry for it.”

Calming Cream

We asked Léa what her favourite product was, and she couldn’t be more enthusiastic about the Moisturising Cream. "It is the first cream that my skin hasn’t reacted to for longer than just a few weeks,” she said. She loves the way it smells and that she can continue to use it and enjoy the calming effects even when she is having a reaction. “I always have it on hand,” she told us.

Lea’s message

Léa is incredibly grateful for the lifestyle that Camille has taught her, and also for the supportive community that she has found herself a part of. She shared a wonderful piece of advice with us:

“Sharing your journey helps to overcome this and seeing other people’s journey gives you the strength to accept it. If you are a sensitive skin warrior, just slow down, that’s my biggest advice. Sit down, relax, and breathe. Do something that you love, it could be anything (dance, watch a movie, take a bath) and focus on what you have (friends, family, partner, house, food) and share your gratefulness to yourself out loud and hopefully you will see a difference on your skin and on your mindset. Healthy mindset helps clear your skin.”

We couldn’t agree more! Come and join us now on Instagram to be part of a warm, wonderful community. We understand not everyone feels comfortable commenting online so feel free to message us on Instagram if you prefer. Also, we would love to add that if anyone would love to reach out to Léa, feel free to send a message via Instagram @leabienenstock. Sending you wellness wishes and positive vibes for glowing and calm skin.