What causes skin conditions?
August 09, 2022

What causes skin conditions?

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The majority of people who read my blog probably do so because they have some sort of skin condition, or they know someone who has. There are actually a staggering number of people across the world with skin conditions, and these could be lifelong issues or temporary ones.

With the number of people reporting experiencing skin conditions in one form or another increasing, I thought I would take a look at what causes them.


For some people, their skin condition is genetic. It will have been passed down through the family until it has reached you. Sometimes, it can skip a generation, and the severity can vary from person to person, but the condition is still there. Unfortunately, it means there is not much that you can do to stop it, but you can still manage it when it surfaces.

If you know that a skin condition runs in the family, you can keep any eye out for some of the signs. It can be the case that getting the appropriate treatment as early as possible can help to minimise its effects.

Environmental factors

You might find that your skin condition has been brought about by what is known as environmental factors. These are things on the outside that cause our bodies to react. It can include things that we are allergic to, or that we develop an intolerance to over time. It could come from your washing powder, your make-up or even the sun.

You can start to work out the cause by gradually changing one thing at a time to see if it affects how you feel. Eventually, you will be able to isolate the reason, and it may be the case that by removing it from your life, your skin can recover. If it is not something that you can totally escape, then you will know what it is, and be able to prepare yourself for it and look after your skin quicker and more effectively after exposure.


Your health is a big factor when it comes to your skin. Mental health plays a huge part, and even as teenagers we are told that stress can cause breakouts. It should therefore be no surprise that it can also be responsible for other types of skin conditions. Your mental health should always be of paramount importance for so many different reasons, so make sure you do all you can to support it.

You can do this by making sure that you have good sleep routines. Giving your brain chance to fully shut down and process everything can be very important and waking up the next day refreshed gives you then energy to face whatever is in front of you.

Positive affirmations can also be beneficial. Saying something positive to yourself each day helps to change your mindset and give you a different outlook on life.


We are what we eat, and a good diet can make a big difference to your skin. I have even put together my own cookbook packed full of recipes that are not only healthy but have ingredients which are known for having a great effect on your skin. Start putting the right things into your body and it can show on the outside.

There are many, many reasons for skin conditions, and these are just a handful of the most common ones. Whatever skin condition you might have, we can offer you love, support and advice, so head over to our Instagram. to be part of a welcoming community.

Lots of love and positive vibes, Camille xx