Giving your skin HOPE
May 20, 2022

Giving your skin HOPE

Hi there gorgeous angels!

Today I wanted to talk to you all about hope. I know that when you have a skin condition like eczema and sensitive skin, it can feel like a never-ending journey and it is easy to lose hope. You want the hope of healthy skin, the hope of comfortable skin and the hope of confidence, but sometimes these things can be difficult to cling to, especially when you are having a flare up. That is why I spent over five years developing my HOPE Principles and the past nine years studying to become an expert health coach, natural chef, yoga and meditation teacher. 

My skincare line took over a year to develop, and not only have I become an expert in all things skincare during that time, I have also worked with a team of scientific experts to ensure that every product is not only gentle and beautiful, but also as effective as it could possibly be. I have worked with top formulators in the skincare world to bring you the best of everyone’s knowledge. All so I could follow my purpose in supporting you on your journey.

What are the HOPE Principles?

The HOPE Principles are a framework for wellness from the inside out. I believe that the power of the mind can play an enormous part in reducing symptoms and giving you the opportunity to take control of your condition and your situation. They are based on a combination of my own life experiences and scientific research to help you find solutions that will help you to glow from the inside out.

There is no one single thing that will improve your skin or make you feel better about yourself. Instead, you need to find a combination of healthy eating, exercise and skincare to work alongside your home environment, your attitude and your self-care routine to really make a meaningful difference.

H is for Home

The H of the HOPE Principles encourages you to think about everything that represents home, both physically and mentally. It wants you to focus on creating the right environment for glowing skin, by de-cluttering, getting better sleep and creating your own safe and peaceful sanctuary. Part of this might be to incorporate mindfulness into your daily routine or saying some of our beautiful positive affirmations.

O is for Optimism

To achieve hope, you have to have optimism and a belief that things can and will be better. Your skin condition does not define who you are, so thinking about how you choose to respond to what you have can be a big step. Optimism gives you the opportunity to reframe what you have, and see the beauty in it, instead of the pain or self-consciousness. When you see your skin condition as a messenger, telling you about other things your body and mind need to address, you can move into a more positive space.

My Moisturizing Cream can help build a sense of optimism as you start to see the difference that it makes to your skin. I used Rhamnosoft as one of the key ingredients in order to boost the comfort of your skin, making it happy and protected.

P is for Purpose and Pampering

We all need to have a purpose in life, and the P of the HOPE Principles encourages you to look for this. It could be anything from your career to your family or your hobbies; it doesn’t really matter as long as you are focused on doing things that you love and make you feel great.

P can also stand for pampering. Many of us dismiss this as a luxury that we simply do not have time for, but self-care is incredibly important. Your pampering might be a relaxing bath with my gorgeous Bathing Oil, taking a walk surrounded by nature, or immersing yourself at the heart of your family. As long as it feels good to you, then it will be good for your soul too.


E is for Eating well, Exercise and Ecotherapy

I know I have crammed a lot into this one, but they are all so important I couldn’t leave any of them out. Your diet and exercise go hand in hand together to boost your mood and your immunity, both of which play massive parts in the effects of your skin condition. When you also spend much of your time outdoors, amongst nature and breathing in fresh air, you can help your body and your mind.

I have written a recipe book packed full of gorgeous meals and snacks that can support your health. The Beauty of Eating Well teaches you to eat from a place of joy and all recipes are free from dairy, eggs, gluten and refined sugar.


S is for Stress and Support

Whatever skin condition you have, stress will play a big part in it. This is something which can make your condition worse, and when that happens, you become more stressed, and the cycle continues. Managing your stress levels helps to break this cycle and benefit your entire body.

One of the most successful ways to manage stress is with a routine to help you switch off and unwind. An easy way to do this is with a relaxing bath using my Pink Himalayan Bath Salts to help both your body and mind.

Underpinning everything in the HOPE Principles is support. No one is alone in this journey, and you will need the support of encouraging angels to help you achieve all of the other Principles, particularly when times get tough. Loving and supportive relationships are one of the biggest tools that we have, so it is important to understand them and use them.

To achieve the greatest levels of change you need to look at your own mindset and understand what you can do to make it packed full of health and positivity. Shifting how you look at your skin and the things that hold you back in life will put you in a much stronger position to overcome them, and I want my HOPE Principles to help you achieve this.

I would love to hear about what the HOPE Principles have done for you, so please get in touch and tell me your story.

If you are craving a community that will walk with you on your join, I would love to see you inside The Angel Circle.

Lots of love and positive vibes, Camille xx