Elle's Sensitive Skin Story
September 28, 2022

Elle's Sensitive Skin Story

Hey beautiful!

When you have a skin condition, you will go on your own unique journey to learn how to live with it and manage it. Navigating this can sometimes feel like a lonely experience, as it can often seem as though no one else understands or cares what it is like or what you are going through.

Well we do! Offering support is a key pillar of our brand and we are here to tell you that you are not alone. Last month, we met Misha who kindly shared her sensitive skin story and now we would like to introduce you to Elle.

Say hello to Elle

Elle is one of many people with a skin condition and has been part of our skin community from the start. She has very kindly offered to share her experiences with us in order to help people like you. Elle explained that she has had eczema and sensitive skin since she was just 6 months old. As a child, she was able to control it, even though it was sometimes visible, however, this all changed when Elle turned 16. “The uncontrollable itch was so much that I would scratch myself until I broke the skin, and it would bleed,” Elle told us. Sadly, this is a familiar story for many, and something our founder Camille has experienced too.

The mental effects

When your eczema takes such a dramatic turn, it is understandable that this can take its toll on your confidence and your mindset about yourself. “For a long time, I didn’t like who I was and hated looking in the mirror,” said Elle. “I would look at myself and pick faults with myself and my skin; I would compare myself to others.”

Elle also started to choose her outfits carefully in order to try and cover her skin, as she felt that other people were staring at her eczema patches. At its worst, Elle even tried avoiding leaving the house whenever she could, instead of enjoying the normal teenage life of many of her friends.

The Beauty of Eczema™

One day, Elle read an article online that talked about Camille’s book, The Beauty of Eczema™. She decided to read the book and looked up Camille on Instagram. Through this, she has learnt many ways to not only live with her skin, but to love it too. She is now more in tune with her own body that she has learnt that a flare is a sign that she is stressed or needs to slow down. “I have learnt that I am so much more than my eczema; it’s my superpower and makes me who I am!”

We are delighted that Elle found the book and The Beauty of Eczema™ products were a terrific help for her. We asked if she could pick a favourite, but she said that it was a tie between the Calming Cream and the Bathing Oil. “It just makes having a bath so much more relaxing as it turns the water so milky, so it doesn’t leave my skin feeling dry.” Elle has even experimented with letting it soak into her skin when it is very dry and then washing it off in the shower.

A message to others

Elle has a very powerful and important message for others who find themselves in the same situation. “You are more than your eczema/sensitive skin,” she explained. “It doesn’t define who you are, it is part of who you are and the most important people in your life love you for you.” She has also stressed how essential it is to take time to care for your mental wellbeing and your skin. “It isn’t selfish,” she told us. “It is one of the most important things you can do, so don’t let anyone make you feel guilty for taking the time to do so”. We think that these are very wise words indeed – thank you so much for sharing your story Elle!

If you would like to share your sensitive skin story and help others with sensitive skin know they are not alone, then please reach out on Instagram or by email Customerhappiness@thebeautyofeczema.com.